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    Specialists in System Architecture and ASIC Design for Internet and LAN Applications. Dineen Consulting delivers high value consulting solutions for Semiconductor and Network Equipment Vendors in the areas of ASIC or Board Level Architecture Development and / or Intellectual Property Development.

- Services Offered:

- Development of System, Board, and ASIC Architectures for Internet and LAN Applications.
- Development of detailed block or module level specifications.
- Architectural development, analysis, and behavioral simulation.
- Trade studies detailing the requirements of hardware and software functional splits.
- Detailed analysis dealing with hardware architecture performance, and cost trade offs.
- Support for silicon vendor evaluation and selection.
- We provide an in house digital design capability for the contract development of modules.
- We maintain and use state of the art design tools running on networked Sun Ultra Sparc Computers and Intel Linux Servers.
- Provide active customer representation and advocacy in public and private engineering standards forums.
- Perform project management, scheduling, and planning functions.
- Prepare and make presentations for customers, peers, and management.

- Areas Of Expertise:

- IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Data Link and Physical Layer Architecture and implementation.
- IEEE 802.1 Bridging and IETF IPv4 & IPv6 Routing.
- ISO / OSI Layer 2, 3, and 4 Switching concepts and their implementation.
- Well versed in the development of wire speed low latency switching concepts, including QOS.
- InfiniBand Switches and Channel Adapters (HCA & TCA).
- Modern storage and related protocols:
    - ANSI Fiber Channel.
    - IETF's iSCSI Protocol Suite.
    - TCP / IP Off load Engines (TOE).
    - IETF Internet Security (IPSEC) Protocol Suite.
- ANSI Sonet, T1, T3 and related Telecommunication Protocols.
- Active voting member of the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group.
- Participating member in the IEEE 802.1 Architecture & Bridging Working Group.
- Former active and voting member of the PCI Express AS Working Group.
- Former active and voting member of the Innfiniband Trade Association Link Working Group (LWG).

If you have any interests or needs in the above areas feel free to contact us at the above phone numbers or email address. We would be glad to discuss the issues and possibilities with you.

Thomas Dineen
Dineen Consulting